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The programme team is the team that is responsible for the course programme of the following study programmes: Bachelor Environmental Sciences (BES); Master Environmental Sciences (MES); Master Urban and Environmental Management (MUE); and the Master Climate Studies (MCL). The team is lead by the programme director: Marjo Lexmond. The study advisers are: Lian van Lumig, Annemarie Hage, Saskia van Bavel, Suzanne Tuju, and Leo Bregman. To contact the programme team, the secretary, Linda van Geelen, is ready to help you. Linda also schedules appointments with the study advisers. Your questions and request for meetings can be done by sending an e-mail to:

An important website where the programme team puts their PowerPoints, information, and announcements is the portal: Check this website frequently to to see if important activities are coming up, like a thesis and internship evening or a 123day where you get prepared for your next year. Furthermore, there are two Programme committees. Occasionaly they need help of students who want to help the programme team improve in the curriculum.

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