We organize a large variety of sportive activities that are approachable for everyone. Our goal is to get the environmental students in contact with sports and at the same time in contact with each other. It is nice to see that during our activities students of different years get to know each other and work together as a team. Activities that we have organized are for example squashing, archery, mountainbiking, frisbee and lasergaming. Also we go to Nijmegen every year with a team of 25 students to take part in the most awesome race for students ever: the Batavierenrace! Besides that we participate in internal competitions for soccer and knotsbal. Usually we play a match every week, but you can join whenever you want! If you are interested in this, you can send an email to: We hope to see you soon during one of our upcoming activities!

Chair: Yulian Chang

Current members: Ralf Beckmans, Kris Derks, Jorn de Vos, Charlotte Regnault, Rosalie Schmickli, Konrad P. Fordal


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