The EKO, solely populated by first years’ Bachelor students, is a yearly renewed committee that makes sure the new first-year bachelor students get to know each other and have a great time within Aktief Slip during their first stay in Wageningen. This committee organizes the EKO weekend which is a weekend towards some awesome place in the Netherlands full of fun, beer and interaction. Next to the weekend, the EKO also organizes the BSc study day during the annual introduction days. Since this year the EKO members also have the role of guiding a tutor group of first years’ bachelor students, together with four other tutors.

Current members: Ralf Beckmans, Charlotte Regnault, Corné Opgenoort, Rachel Renes, Yulian Chang, Mihai Chiriac, Kris Derks, Esther Rous, Wieneke Savonije

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