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There are many groups in Wageningen that are working to make a greener and more sustainable future for all of us. If you are interested in sustainability(which is very likely when you are visiting this website) you might want to join one or more of these groups. Most of these groups are part of the [ Lees meer ]

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Alumni Network of Aktief Slip: Kennisnetwerk Milieu(KNM)

Kennisnetwerk Milieu is the alumni network for environmental sciences students from Wageningen and others who have a connection to Wageningen and are working in the environmental sector. In 1991, KNM was established as the alumni network of the bachelor MilieuhygiĆ«ne during the 25 year old reunion of Aktief Slip. Aktief Slip is the study association of [ Lees meer ]

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Morgen is the student network for a sustainable future. This national student organisation stimulates students to choose a more sustainable lifestyle, study and career. Morgen cooporates with member organizations in various student cities. Together with students from around the Netherlands we work on informing other students about sustainability and organising projects in this field. Besides [ Lees meer ]

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