The Sintcie is a very fun committee. It is comprised exclusively of first year students and organizes the Sinterklaas activity for all our members. It is the first experience in a committee of any kind for first years' students and therefore a great learning experience. The Sinterklaas party is always a great success and being [ Lees meer ]

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We, the GreenInk committee, release Aktief Slip’s magazine four times per year. We try to provide a magazine that contains both casual and serious articles. We write about content that we consider interesting to every environmental student: sustainability and, of course, Aktief Slip! In our committee, we challenge ourselves: by proofreading, thinking about content [ Lees meer ]

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The EKO, solely populated by first years' Bachelor students, is a yearly renewed committee that makes sure the new first-year bachelor students get to know each other and have a great time within Aktief Slip during their first stay in Wageningen. This committee organizes the EKO weekend which is a weekend towards some awesome place [ Lees meer ]

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The promocie is a committee that presents our study to possible new students. We organize three group takealong days in a year. New students get familiar with the structure and all the three different tracks you could choose in our study. We also organize the two open days at the wur where we inform the scholars about our study on [ Lees meer ]

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The committee extern is the committee of Aktief Slip aiming for external collaboration. The objective of extern is to form a bridge between external parties (mainly companies) and the members of study association Aktief Slip. Making and conserving good relationships with sponsors is a main task of this committee. We aim to reach interesting companies [ Lees meer ]

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The Akcie is the activity committee. We organize anything we feel like organizing. Fun lunches, theme parties, a diner rouler or a hitchhike weekend. Nothing is too complicated or too simple for the Akcie. There are some events that we host each year like the first years' dinner and the 'pancakes at the Rhine' [ Lees meer ]

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