Mouse maintains the website,  keeps the events up to date and adds regularly new features to the website. Everyone is very welcome to learn how building and updating a website works, and we are always looking for people with coding experience. Chair: Federico Croci Current members: Lucas Hulsman, Ivo de Graaf, Joachim Jetten, Janko [ Lees meer ]

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The Batavierenrace, the world's largest relay race, takes place every year. The Batacie organises everything around the participation of the (two) Aktief Slip team(s). Chair: Jan-Jaap van Raffe Current Members: Kris Derks, Konrad P. Fordal, Annabel van Ree, Jorn de Vos & Charlotte Regnault

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The Suscie organises sustainable activities, often in collaboration with other committees. In the GreenInk you can also find a Suscie page with sustainable ideas and tips! Besides that, the Suscie ensures that Aktief Slip will be even more sustainable, and has external contact with other (nation wide) sustainable organisations. In this committee, there is so [ Lees meer ]

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The Parentcie (Ouderdagcie) is a committee which organizes the (bi)annual parents day. During this day activities for both students and their parents are organised. Informative presentations will be alternated with fun games to show parents what it means to be a student at the WUR! Members of 2018: Jacqueline Banken, Noëlle Doueiri, Laura Savonije, Vera [ Lees meer ]

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Passief Pils

Passief Pils is the committee which organizes the social drinks for Aktief Slip. The committee consists of students from different years. The drinks are often held together with different departments. This allows students to get in touch with senior students, researchers and professors. Our objective is to organize ‘’gezellige borrels’’ at the end of [ Lees meer ]

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Click is the committee that takes pictures at all the activities organised by Aktief Slip. We take photo´s for Aktief Slip members, and sponsors too. Every activity, there will be a photographer who makes sure all of the amazing events will be captured and put on Facebook. Click has been started this year and [ Lees meer ]

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We organize a large variety of sportive activities that are approachable for everyone. Our goal is to get the environmental students in contact with sports and at the same time in contact with each other. It is nice to see that during our activities students of different years get to know each other and [ Lees meer ]

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If you think about one activity you have to attend only one thing comes to your mind: The Aktief Slip weekend! Every year we organise a weekend for all members of Aktief Slip. The weekend will take place at a location in the Netherlands or one of the neighbouring countries. During the weekend we [ Lees meer ]

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IntegraCie is a committee of the Aktief Slip student association, which promotes integration between students and organizations, both inside and outside the university. This is achieved through regular in depth activities and networking opportunities, such as lunch lectures with guest speakers and excursions. All activities have a study related, educational scope. In this way the IntegraCie committee contributes to future career opportunities [ Lees meer ]

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Education Committee

The Education Committee is an important committee to improve the quality of environmental courses for next generations. We investigate the opinions of students which followed a study related course we want to improve. Together with the lecturer we discuss the tips and tops so we can help them in the improvement of their course. Through [ Lees meer ]

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