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In the early sixties of the past century people started to recognize that fresh water was running out. So the department of Cultural Technology thought it was necessary to create the orientation of Water Purification. A chamber, two people and some bubbling barrels characterized this period. In 1962 the study Water Purification was officially established. Professor Mulder of the department Microbiology and professor Hellinga of the department Cultural Technology made great efforts to make it so. Mr. Fohr became the professor of the new department. Two students who started their study in 1962 were the main-spring of establishing Actiefslib: Pita Meijn and Quirino Richardson. The latter became the first chairman of Actiefslib.

Actiefslib was officially established on 13th December 1966. The name originates from the bacteria containing material (active sludge), that is used to clean water, soil and air.The objectives of the union were twofold. First there was a need for information supplied by the university. This information, partly acquired by lectures, gave rouse to students criticizing the study programs and the social conditions. The other objective was to bring students together who knew each other from the lectures only or not at all. In 1970/1971 Water Purification became Environmental Studies. Actiefslib had a hard time because of the combination of several orientations.

The study became more general than before. However, Actiefslib survived. Many activities were organized: ranging from film-evenings to a demonstration against the building of the nuclear reactor in Kalkar. The name of the union changed from Actiefslib to Aktief Slip in 1977. Although linguistic not entirely correct it was in accordance with the time-spirit. After decay in the 80’s when the union had shrunk to the size of a archive-case, it arose from her ashes like a phoenix in the 90’s. Today Aktief Slip is still among the smaller Study Associations in Wageningen, but the ratio of activity-to-size must be one of the highest! We are also unique in nature in that international student members surpass our (mostly Dutch) bachelor student members. Therefore Aktief Slip and its board members continue to strive to making the association a warm place for everyone from all over the world.

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