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Every year there is not only an EKO weekend for the first years, but also a general Aktief Slip weekend to a location inside or outside the Netherlands. We organize a super awsome weekend of activities somewhere in the Netherlands or a country in the neighbourhood.


The Sintcie is a very fun committee. It is comprised exclusively of first year students and organizes the Sinterklaas activity for all our members. It is the first experience in a committee of any kind for first years’ students and therefore a great learning experience. The Sinterklaas party is always a great success and being part of this committee is usually a lot of fun and a stepping plate for further activity within the committees of Aktief Silp.


The Promocie organises the Open day for the bachelor Environmental sciences, the tag-along day for the bachelor environmental sciences and tries to promote the bachelor and master studies through various other sources.


The Integracie is a committee of various cultures and interests. We organize activities that are aimed at the majority of our members; (international) master students. Examples of these is the yearly winter barbecue, after lecture drinks or going sightseeing in the Netherlands. Next to this we cooperate with the Akcie to organize activities that promote integration between bachelor and master students, a task that is not always easy to accomplish. The members of the mastercie are by majority international, and we intend to keep it that way to promote and celebrate the diversity within Aktief Slip!

If you would like to know more about the activities of the Integracie, you can request to join the ‘Mastercie for MES, MUE and MCL’ facebook page (Mastercie is the old name) to keep you posted!

Also, if you are interested in organizing activities for fellow students, and would like to gain experience in this kind of work, you can also contact us. Go to Contacts at the top of the page and contact the board!

Fase 3

The Fase 3 is our quarterly magazine that is filled with interesting content about our association, its students, the things that we do and encounter on our studies and the things that happen in the field of Environmental Science. We make sure that every quarter of the academic year a new magazine will end up in your mailbox! We are always interested in those who wish to contribute to the magazine, in whatever artistic form possible. It is not exclusive to members of Aktief Slip to contribute as we are looking to make the magazine as interesting as possible!

As with everything in our association, the Fase 3 is written fully in english. If you are a Dutch student, interested in the world around you, and looking to improve your english writing skills, joining the editorial staff of the Fase 3 can be a great fun and educative experience!


The Committee Extern is the group of people who hold most of the ‘external’ contacts within Aktief Slip and oversees the Sponsoring of Aktief Slip. This boils down mostly to contacts with our sponsors, but any business seeking to do something together with Aktief Slip or its members can seek out the committee. Extern works regularly with our sponsors to give students the opportunity to interact with people from the working field. Examples of activities can be lunch lectures, evening trainings or on-site company visits. Extern does not organize many activities per year, but when they do it will always be a great experience.


The Evaluacie is an important committee that organizes our periodic evaluations of courses within our study programs. The committee exists to provide additional feedback to teachers next to the Evasys system of the University. Members of the Evaluacie collect opinions from fellow students and discuss them in the committee before it makes its report. Working in this committee is a great learning experience for evaluation and assertivity!


The EKO, solely populated by first years’ Bachelor students, is a yearly renewed committee that makes sure the new first-year bachelor students get to know each other and have a great time within Aktief Slip during their first stay in Wageningen. This committee organizes the EKO weekend which is a weekend towards some awesome place in the Netherlands full of fun, beer and interaction. Next to the weekend, the EKO also organizes the BSc study day during the annual introduction days.


The Akcie is the most visible and largest committee of Aktief Slip. They are those who work days and nights to organize the regular activities that we all love to go to! Every two weeks of normal lecture time they organize an activity. This can range from very accessible free lunch events, to daylong excursions into the woods or to other interesting locations! There are some yearly returning activities such as the Diner Rouler and the Pancakes at the Rhine which we use to kickoff every academic year! The Akcie also loves to do game-evenings that are one of the best and more casual ways to get to know other people from Aktief Slip!

The Akcie also loves to participate together with others to organize larger activities! Examples of cooperation in larger events is the organization of the OW (Environmental Sciences) Party and the T3 Party. But this can also extend to organizing a gala as well as smaller parties together with our beloved sister associations of Sylvatica and Nitocra.

If you have a cool idea for an activity, let us know through the contact form on this website!