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On this page all of our committees shortly present themselves. All committees will be present to tell you more at the committee interest dinner . If you want to learn more about a committee (or would like to join one) outside this event you are more than welcome to send the board or committee members an e-mail, fill in the contact form or just drop by at the hok.


The Akcie is the activity committee. We organize anything we feel like organizing. Fun lunches, theme parties, a diner rouler or a hitchhike weekend. Nothing is too complicated or too simple for the Akcie. There are some events that we host each year like the first years’ dinner and the ‘pancakes at the Rhine’ to kick off the academic year. We strive to make all our events accessible and fun for all Aktief Slip members. If you have a nice idea for an activity do not hestitate to let us know!

Current members: Gerdien Achterberg, Iris Flamand, Joachim Jetten, Jan-Jaap van Raffe, Anne Kegel, Vera Komin, Madzy Korte


Click is the committee that takes pictures at all the activities organised by Aktief Slip. We take photo´s for Aktief Slip members, and sponsors too. Every activity, there will be a photographer who makes sure all of the amazing events will be captured and put on Facebook. Click has been started this year and we are very excited to see what amazing moments we will be able to capture and share!

Current members: Hilde Vink, Josien Hendricksen, Sanne Floor Apperloo,  Lucas Hulsman, Ivo de Graaf, Janko Witte, Pien Boekholtz


The EKO, solely populated by first years’ Bachelor students, is a yearly renewed committee that makes sure the new first-year bachelor students get to know each other and have a great time within Aktief Slip during their first stay in Wageningen. This committee organizes the EKO weekend which is a weekend towards some awesome place in the Netherlands full of fun, beer and interaction. Next to the weekend, the EKO also organizes the BSc study day during the annual introduction days. Since this year the EKO members also have the role of guiding a tutor group of first years’ bachelor students, together with four other tutors.

Current members: Emile Longayroux, Annebelle Goossens, Gijs Boevink, Janko Witte, Jorn de Vos, Lena van der Sman, Rick Verkooijen and Vera van der Niet with additional tutors: Doris Vertegaal, Ellis Donker, Hilde Vink and Vera Komin



The Evaluacie is an important committee to improve the quality of environmental courses for next generations. We investigate the opinions of students which followed a study related course we want to improve.
Together with the lecturer we discuss the tips and tops so we can help them in the improvement of their course. Through a closer contact with the lecturer the evaluacie tries to add improvements together with the university evaluations (PACE) which are of high importance for lecturers as well.

Besides the course evaluations we do other study or aktief slip related evaluations like an international bachelor enquette and a Aktief Slip board evaluation last year.

Current members: Floor van Elsacker, Stan Jansen, Matthijs Slegt, David Hughan, Lena van der Sman, Wout Blankenstijn.


The committee extern is the committee of Aktief Slip aiming for external collaboration. The objective of extern is to form a bridge between external parties (mainly companies) and the members of study association Aktief Slip. Making and conserving good relationships with sponsors is a main task of this committee. We aim to reach interesting companies by creating a uniform and clear picture of Aktief Slip.  Besides this, we aim to organize activities with sponsors. Via activities like lectures, cv-training and career markets, we hope to help students to be better prepared for future work or internships. We want to make sure all our members get the opportunity to connect with relevant companies in our field of study.

Current members: Jan-Jaap van Raffe, Nanook Vermaas, Lena van der Sman, Yasmin Stip, Eveline Stroink and Ivo de Graaf


We, the GreenInk committee, release Aktief Slip’s magazine four times per year. We try to provide a magazine that contains both casual and serious articles. We write about content that we consider interesting to every environmental student: sustainability and, of course, Aktief Slip! In our committee, we challenge ourselves: by proofreading, thinking about content for our next magazine and evaluating our latest editions, we try to improve our writing and editorial skills. Besides the aforementioned sustainability and Aktief Slip-pages, we also like to include some casual content, such as our returning game page and recipe page.
If you would like to contribute or have feedback for the GreenInk committee in any way, contact us at greenink.aktiefslip@gmail.com.

current members: Noëlle Doueiri, Rens van Gulick, Madzy Korte, Rick Robben, Simone Tanis, Hilde Vink, Stan Jansen, Iris Flamand.


IntegraCie is a committee of the Aktief Slip student association, which promotes integration between students and organizations, both inside and outside the university. This is achieved through regular in depth activities and networking opportunities, such as lunch lectures with guest speakers and excursions. All activities have a study related, educational scope. In this way the IntegraCie committee contributes to future career opportunities and fun at the same time! We hope to see you all during our activities.
Current members: Bodil Boelens, Fleur Dusschooten, Marieke Heer, Gijs Boevink and Anne Lodder



The ouderdagcie is a committee which organizes the annual parents day. During this day activities for both students and their parents are organised. Informative presentations will be alternated with fun games to show parents what it means to be a student at the WUR!

Current members: Jacqueline Banken, Noëlle Doueiri, Laura Savonije, Vera van der Niet, Merel Nederend

Passief Pils

Passief Pils is the committee which organizes the social drinks for Aktief Slip. The committee consists of students from different years. The drinks are often held together with different departments. This allows students to get in touch with senior students, researchers and professors. Our objective is to organize ‘’gezellige borrels’’ at the end of each period. Our motto is: ” flying like a condor ”

Current Members: Annebelle Goossens, Veerle Siegerink, Eduard Vertegaal, Tycho Jongenelen, Hein Hottentot, Yme van Lith, Rick Robben


The promocie is a committee that presents our study to possible new students. We organize three group takealong days in a year. New students get familiar with the structure and all the three different tracks you could choose in our study. We also organize the two open days at the wur where we inform the scholars about our study on the informationmarket. We cannot be missed in our recognizable purple t-shirts. Take a look at the wur-website if you are interest in the open day or the takealong day!

current members: Marisa Beunk, Rosanne Onstenk, Wout Blankenstijn, Britt Kriesch, David Hughan, Loulou Gontscharoff, Ellis Donker.


The Sintcie is a very fun committee. It is comprised exclusively of first year students and organizes the Sinterklaas activity for all our members. It is the first experience in a committee of any kind for first years’ students and therefore a great learning experience. The Sinterklaas party is always a great success and being part of this committee is usually a lot of fun and a stepping plate for further activity within the committees of Aktief Silp.


We organize a large variety of sportive activities that are approachable for everyone. Our goal is to get the environmental students in contact with sports and at the same time in contact with each other. It is nice to see that during our activities students of different years get to know each other and work together as a team. Activities that we have organized are for example squashing, archery, mountainbiking, frisbee and lasergaming. Also we go to Nijmegen every year with a team of 25 students to take part in the most awesome race for students ever: the Batavierenrace! Besides that we participate in internal competitions for soccer and knotsbal. Usually we play a match every week, but you can join whenever you want! If you are interested in this, you can send an email to: sportcie.aktiefslip@gmail.com. We hope to see you soon during one of our upcoming activities!

Current members: Jorn de Vos, Emile Longayroux, Florine Crul, Vera Komin, Sanne Floor Apperloo, Merijn Bouman, Linde Franken.



The Suscie organises sustainable activities, often in collaboration with other committees. In the GreenInk you can also find a Suscie page with sustainable ideas and tips! Besides that, the Suscie ensures that Aktief Slip will be even more sustainable, and has external contact with other (nation wide) sustainable organisations.

In this committee, there is so much room to bring your own ideas, because this committee is still being shaped and we are open for all new ideas!

Current members: Hannah Sorgendrager, Annebelle Goossens, Lena van der Sman, Selma Moerland, Guido Bartels


picture of weekendcie

If you think about one activity you have to attend only one thing comes to your mind: The Aktief Slip weekend! Every year we organise a weekend for all members of Aktief Slip. The weekend will take place at a location in the Netherlands or one of the neighbouring countries. During the weekend we will organise all sorts of fun activities to make the weekend as much fun as possible. The activities will consist of all different sorts of things from a simple games night to an excursion through the sewers of Antwerp.

Members: Britt Kriesch, David Hughan, Doris Vertegaal, Emile Longayroux, Jan-Jaap van Raffe, Loulou Gontscharoff, Marieke Heer, Vera Komin, Willem Sneller, Wout Blankenstijn.